If the world NOT identify you,
Create an Identification To You

It's me Araniyan Sivanesaraja

Do things different in unique ways is my thought always and keen to learn new things with knowledge thirst as having entrepreneurial mind towards my career.

Personally, A Music Lover who love any kind of music and get relax with strings of my GUITTY in leisure times and a Photographer who love to arrest beautiful things surround me behind the prison of lens.

I'm self-learning, self-motivated and self-confident guy who always hear to my mind only and be a deaf to other's unwanted comments on me..!

Professionally, A Tech Mad who seated as Business Analyst at Innovay (Pvt) Ltd.

My willingness is to face challenging work environment which feed me lot of experiences. When facing failures, I considered all as learning and those experiences brought me boost to travel through difficulties.

My  Thoughts

The assets I got in my birth are my PARENTS..!

Later, they brought me some more assets as my SIBLINGS..!!

Only assets I yet earn by my own are MY FRIENDS...!!!